Health Facts
Can pregnant and nursing women drink FifTea Brand Sweetener?

Yes. All FDA-required studies to support the safety of sucralose during pregnancy and nursing have been performed. As a result, the FDA and other important health authorities have concluded that sucralose is suitable for use by everyone, including pregnant and nursing women. FifTea Brand Sweetener may be used as part of a healthy prenatal and postnatal diet to help reduce excess calories from added sugars. Of course, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should always talk with their doctor about their nutritional and caloric needs to support their health as well as their baby's health.

Can children drink FifTea Brand Sweetener?

Yes. FifTea Brand Sweetener can be used by everyone, including children. FifTea Sweetener is a great way to reduce the amount of added sugars your child eats daily, and may even help get your child to drink healthier beverages. It can be a great way to replace higher-calorie beverages that might also be lower in important vitamins and minerals. If you have questions about your child's diet/nutritional needs or weight, please check with your child's doctor and/or a registered dietitian.

Are there any known interactions with medications and FifTea Brand Sweetener?

No. There are no known interactions with medications and FifTea Brand Sweetener.  It can be enjoyed by everyone, including those on one or more medications.

Can patients on dialysis drink FifTea Brand Sweetener?

Yes. There are no safety concerns expected with the use of FifTea Brand Sweetener by patients on dialysis.

Can patients on chemotherapy drink FifTea Brand Sweetener?

Yes. Health authorities around the world have confirmed that sucralose, the high intensity sweetening ingredient in FifTea sweetener, can be used safely by everyone. This is based on a strong body of research, which includes studies about how sucralose acts in the body. Sucralose has been found to be safe for daily use over a person's lifetime in amounts thousands of times greater than what could ever be expected to be eaten. Experts know that sucralose is a very stable substance.
If you have further questions, your doctor is a good source for information. We would also be happy to speak with your doctor, if he or she has any questions about sucralose and medications.

Separately, we do suggest that you check with your doctor and/or a registered dietitian about your nutritional needs during chemotherapy, since chemotherapy can affect your overall nutritional status and daily calorie intake.
Can people with corn allergies use FifTea Brand Sweetener?

The corn-derived ingredient in FifTea Brand Sweetener come from the starch fraction of corn and is a highly purified ingredient, resulting in an end product that would not be expected to contain any appreciable amount of protein. However, we can't guarantee that there are not traces of protein residue in FifTea Brand Sweetener. It is the protein in certain foods that usually triggers allergic reactions.

Is there anyone who can't drink FifTea Brand Sweetener?

FifTea Brand Sweetener is suitable for everyone, and the sweet taste can be enjoyed by the whole family, including children and women who are pregnant or nursing.

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